2023 2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Cloud Computing Technology (AIoTC 2023)

Call For Papers


The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Call For Papers

◕ Artificial Intelligence

◔ Robot Technology

◔ Natural Language Processing

◔ Machine Learning

◔ Pattern Recognition

◔ Neural Networks and Support Vector Machines

◔ Fuzzy Control and Systems

◔ Human-computer Interaction

◔ Cyber Security

◔ Expert System

◔ Data Mining

◔ Intelligent Control and Decision Making

◔ Knowledge Discovery

◔ Intelligent Systems and Language

◔ Machine Perception

◔ Computer Vision

◔ Evolutionary Computation

◔ Information Retrieval and Web Search

◔ Adaptive System

◕ Internet of Things

◔ IoT Chips and Sensors

◔ CPS Technology and Intelligent Information System

◔ Multi-network resource sharing in IoT environment

◔ IoT Chips and Sensors

◔ IoT Technology Architecture

◔ Cloud Computing and Big Data in IoT

◔ Edge Intelligence and Blockchain

◔ Smart City

◔ IoT Wearables

◔ smart home

◔ Industrial Internet of Things and Big Data

◔ Multi-terminal collaborative control and IoT smart terminal

◔ Multi-network resource sharing in IoT environment

◔ SDN and Intelligent Service Network

◔ 5G technology and its application in the Internet of Things

◔ IoT Information Security

◔ Internet of Vehicles and Unmanned Vehicles

◔ User-facing software-defined services

◔ IoT information analysis and processing

◔ Heterogeneous Convergence and Multi-Domain Collaboration in IoT Environment

◕ Cloud Computing Technology

◔ Cloud computing system and architecture

◔ Edge Computing and 5G

◔ Edge Computing Systems and Architectures

◔ Cloud-centric network architecture

◔ Social and Mobile Cloud Applications

◔ Cloud Security and Privacy

◔ Large-scale cloud applications

◔ SDN and Data Center Networking

◔ Cryptographic Algorithms and Protocols

◔ blockchain system

◔ Fault Tolerance, High Availability and Reliability

◔ Cloud as a Service

◔ Resource, Energy and Data Management

◔ Distributed and parallel query processing

◔ Storage Systems and New Technologies

◔ IoT Chips and Sensors

◔ Cloud and Grid Computing for Big Data

◔ Cloud Economics

◔ Cloud computing models, simulations, designs and paradigms

◔ Cloud computing technologies, services and applications

◔ Cloud Computing and Semantic Web Technology

◔ Cloud middleware framework

◔ Cloud resource virtualization and composition

◔ Intelligent Computing Infrastructure and Platform

◔ Cloud optimization and automation

◔ Cloud quality and performance